Writings about Sandberg and Monday


It’s been hard to find some time to write lately, but there are a few baseball things happening. And to feed my new column (I do like the way that sounds), I sent them in to ThroughTheFenceBaseball.

The first was a piece about a Rick Monday bobblehead that was given away at Dodger Stadium the week. You have to be of a certain age to know about Rick Monday and the flag incident back in 1976. But it’s a great story, and one that I’ve retold in this space¬†already. If these bobbleheads can help to memorialize it and call attention to it, that’s a good thing. I certainly wanted to do my part, too.

The Ryne Sandberg piece that I wrote last night was a hard one to get together. I loved Sandberg as a player–more than I realized at the time–and it will be difficult to consider him as a part of another organization besides the Cubs.

The piece also takes Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer to task for not choosing Sandberg to manage the Cubs. Sandberg meant a lot to many, and Sveum meant nothing to no one. So of course we ended up with Sveum. If that makes any sense, please leave me a comment explaining it below.

Perhaps other topics will emerge besides baseball in the days ahead. But the winding down of the baseball season means that a long offseason isn’t far in the distance, either. So it’s best to enjoy it while it lasts.

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