How the game is played

I’ve said, time and again, that football is not my game. And yet I continue writing about it, at least when it comes to the Northwestern Wildcats. But I have earned the right to celebrate their success, too, because I never actually thought I would see any. And yet here it is. Thanks. Pat Fitzgerald, for making it happen.

The game goes like this: Northwestern is ranked #16 in one poll, and #17 in another. Their names don’t really matter much, at least not to me. There are 15 (or 16, depending on the poll) teams that I will be watching this weekend. I hope that every last one of them will lose, but I know that won’t happen. One or two of them might, and that’s good enough at this point.

Until Northwestern loses a game, they’ll climb in the rankings ahead of the teams that lose this weekend. They won’t pass whoever loses the Alabama-Texas A&M game, because those teams are in the top 10 and NU isn’t there yet. But every team ranked from about 9 through 15 (or 16, depending on the poll) is subject to being passed, if Northwestern wins. And as I write this, UCLA appears to be on the road to defeat. Go Cornhuskers!

This process will continue again until Northwestern loses a game. So it’s a matter of win on the field, and watch your ranking rise as a result. Until (and maybe unless?) they lose a game. but we;ll worry about that when (or if?) it happens.

Until then,

Go Cats!


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