I’m bringing 50 back


When I was a kid–from 1975 until about 1981– I was into baseball. I still am, really, but it mattered to me then like nothing else did.

I played it on the field in Khoury League, and I thought about it when I was wasn’t playing. I read Baseball Digest, which came out once a month and was something I looked forward to. I watched Cubs games on TV, but most teams weren’t televised back then.  I didn’t know how good I had it, in this sense.

That all changed once I started shoveling my quarters into video games, and spending my free time in arcades. And when ESPN came along, it seemed like baseball was available all the time. But since I had come of age in a different time, I tried to hold baseball in the same way that I always had, even as the game changed and I changed, too.

Hitting 50 home runs in one season was something that rarely happened back then. And in this Steroid/PED Era, it has been devalued greatly because of how often it has happened. But this year, I’d like to think it’s different.

A piece I wrote about why that is was published yesterday on TTFB. Feel free to have a look, if you’re so inclined.


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