Trying to catch the rain


As I picked up my daughter at school today, a light rain had started to fall in Chicago. My daughter originally tried catching raindrops in her mouth, but was less than successful at it. It’s not quite the same as Linus catching snowflakes on his tongue.

The thought occurred to me that this was a moment in her childhood, and something like it would never happen again. So I did what I often do, and pulled out my phone to try and capture the moment. It was either that, or let it vanish into the not-always-reliable corners of my mind. So the phone and the blog won out, as they usually do.

By the time I had pulled the phone out and found the camera setting, my little one had turned to catching raindrops in her cupped hands. I liked this image even better, and I snapped an admittedly grainy image that will live far beyond the moment itself. And no matter where life takes her from today, there’s always going to be a moment online where all she wants to do is catch raindrops in her hands.

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