Waist deep in the Big Muddy


I’ve been on a Springsteen bender for the last 48 hours, after I grabbed his Lucky Town CD on my way out the door yesterday morning. I bought it when it was released more than 20 years ago, but haven’t listened to it very much until yesterday morning.

The songs on this CD didn’t speak to me in my early 20s, probably because they didn’t get played on the radio back then. But now that I’m older, and I realize what a racket the radio can be, especially when it comes to something new and unknown, I’m glad that I finally gave this one a chance.

Start to finish, this is a great bundle of music. And the twang that I have to add to my voice when I sing the title track is pretty cool, all by itself. As Roger Ebert once said, it’s better to discover something late than not discover it at all, and this CD definitely fits that category.


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