What the future holds


Whenever I go to an estate sale, I invariably head toward the basement. My experience is that anything I might want to buy can be found there. And today was no exception.

I found the bookshelves in the basement, and quickly perused the titles. There was nothing I wanted to buy, but the one title that interested me was Rush Limbaugh’s The Way Things Ought To Be.

The book wouldn’t be on the deceased’s bookshelves unless there was a resonance with his world view. The aggrieved white man, who is threatened by a changing world, always gravitates to Limbaugh and his brand of humbug.

So now there’s one less person who agrees with Limbaugh in the world. Actually there are lots fewer people like this, as this title appears at estate sales all the time. The “dittohead” will probably never die out completely, so long as someone will pay Limbaugh to spout his toxic rantings on the airwaves. But their ranks are thinning,  and that’s the Way it Ought to Be.

2 thoughts on “What the future holds

    1. There was talk he was going to be dropped, but I guess that didn’t happen. Somebody must want to listen to him.

      Glad this season’s almost over for me, but you must be pretty excited about now. Good luck in the postseason.

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