The way that it’s done


I taught civics what seems like many years ago now. And when I taught my students about the branches of government and the way the Constitution works, it always went like this:

A bill needs to pass with a majority of both the senate and the house of representatives. It then is sent to the president, and becomes a law when it is approved. The law can then be challenged in court, where the Supreme Court can rule whether or not a law is in accordance with the Constitution itself.

All of these things happened with the legislation widely known as “Obamacare.” There was even an election, in which Mitt Romney promised to undo Obamacare the day that he took office. But that day never came, and the law still stands today.

How, in the name of Benjamin Franklin’s ghost, can a faction of the Republican party decide to undo the lawmaking process, while at the same time disregarding the will of the people as expressed in the last election? If they’re allowed to do that, there really is no hope for this country.

I know the rules, because I taught the rules. And to throw out those rules, simply because parts of one political party doesn’t like the results, is quite simply the most unAmerican thing I can think of.

Go ahead and shut down the government, John Boehner. But don’t ever again claim that you understand how the Constitution works. You would be acting otherwise if you did.

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