Capturing the magic

I’ve written about Bruce Springsteen here many times. And I’ve said, and firmly believe, that Springsteen takes on a whole new meaning if you’ve seen him play live. I, for one, listened to the albums, but I didn’t really get it until I saw him play at the United Center in 2007. And then it made sense.

The Wrecking Ball tour, which I saw at Wrigley Field over a year ago, just wrapped up, and Bruce thanked his fans–which includes me, too–with a letter on his website, and a video. The video is better than anything I’ve seen at explaining why Springsteen and his music are so well-loved. It’s hard to describe, and I’ve certainly tried to do it, but it’s easy to see.

Anyone reading this who has seen a Springsteen concert will understand. And anyone who hasn’t, I offer this free piece of advice: Go. Whenever you can, make the effort and spend the money. You’ll be very glad you did.

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