Baseball’s hold on me


Over the past 24 hours, three baseball-themed pieces that I wrote have appeared online. The deal between Pearl Jam and Fox Sports for the upcoming World Series was discussed in a piece on ThroughTheFenceBaseball, a memory from the 2003 Cubs season appeared on FiveWideSports, and a vision of how 2003 might have ended differently appeared on ChicagoSideSports. Writing about baseball is something of an elixir for me, even when the subjects are difficult to relive sometimes.

There were also two amazing, 1-0 games in the playoffs yesterday. My TV-less ways meant that I didn’t see either one, but I’m still aglow this morning with the power this game has to captivate us. And rather than get it to it any more than that, I’ll just sit back and wait for the next game to begin. What a great time of year this is.

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