Thoughts on Papi and Alou


Today was quite a day. Not only did I spend the day on a field trip with my daughter’s Girl Scout troop (more on that later, some day), but I had a variety of pieces running in different places. The I-still-can’t-quite-believe-it-happened comeback by the Red Sox in the ALDS–keyed by a grand slam by David Ortiz–gave rise to two different pieces, one at ThroughTheFenceBaseball and the other at FiveWideSports.

Writing for two different blogs in the same general vein can be time-intensive, but it allows me to take something in two different directions, as I did with yesterday’s Red Sox game. There were dozens of ways to go with it, and I was happy to have multiple options.

As if to counterbalance the stories about joy in Boston, I later cranked out a piece about my own lingering heartbreak–and that isn’t too strong a word–over the way the 2003 NLCS turned out in Chicago. I already had an alternate history piece on ChicagoSideSports, but I added one more bit of perspective about Moises Alou.

Would he have caught that ball that was hit down the third base side by Luis Castillo in the eighth inning of Game six? We’ll never know for certain. One day it will be an ancient memory, but that day hasn’t arrived yet.

Writing about it helps a little bit, if only to bear witness to how it all came apart so suddenly. Here’s hoping the next ten years will be better than the first ten were.

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