From one end to the other

rainbowAs I was out driving this morning, I saw a rainbow in the sky. This was a pleasant surprise, particularly because it wasn’t raining. The Hawaiian saying of “No rain, no rainbows” doesn’t seem to allow for rainbows in the absence of rain, but I was quite happy to go along with it. It felt like a surprise gift on a Friday morning.

smokeBy the end of the day, though, it was another story. A strip mall located near my house caught fire in the afternoon, and I captured a picture of the smoke. Nobody was hurt, so far as I’m aware of, but many lives will be impacted by the fire. It was the direct opposite of the morning rainbow, that’s for certain.

Live gives pleasant surprises, along with unpleasant ones. One of each variety seemed to bookend my day today, and so they will in this space, too. Enjoy the rainbows, avoid the smoke clouds, and do what you can when you’re in between the two. That’s life in a nutshell, really.

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