I’ll spend a few pennies more


There’s a Sam’s Club not far from where I live. For years, we’ve bought gas there for the low price. Sam’s, like its parent company, Walmart, banks on the idea that low prices trump everything else.

But there’s a new gas station located nearby, and their prices are comparable to Sam’s Club. And whoever owns Food 4 Less, they don’t make $8.5 million in stock dividends every single day, the way Sam Walton’s heirs do.

So today I needed to fill up my Prius, and it took 4.5 gallons to do this. I went to the Food 4 Less, paid what I did, and was on my way. Sam’s Club gas was 2 cents a gallon less, but so be it. The Waltons don’t need my money, anyway. Giving the $15 I spent to the Walton empire, in order to save nine cents on gas, seems like a bad trade in the first place.

Low price shopping carries a cost that most don’t consider. But it feels good to withhold business from those who don’t deserve it.

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