The gift of light and heat


About a year ago, I made an unusual find at an estate sale. The guy who had just passed away was apparently fond of going to Las Vegas and picking up matches while he was there. I bought hundreds of these things in a big ziploc bag for two dollars.

They sat in my house for nearly a year, until a couple of days ago, at an office-based drive for typhoon relief in the Philippines. For some reason, matches were on the list of needed supplies, and I was glad to give them away so that someone who has lost everything can cook some food, or perhaps light the darkness for a little while.

There will be thousands of fires in the Philippines soon, all because of some dead guy’s match collection. I was just an intermediary along the way, but I wish them well. They certainly need all that we can send their way. As Bono sang all those years ago, “Tonight thank God it’s them, instead of you.” Well said, indeed.

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