Football season ends today


I haven’t cared about the NFL for a very long time, probably since Mike Ditka was coaching the Bears. So I take my football in smaller doses, usually at the college level. This year, it has also included my high school alma mater, for the first time since I graduated high school. Life can take some unexpected turns sometimes.

A few minutes from now, the Cyclones of Sacred Heart-Griffin High will play for the Illinois class 5A championship, and while that game is going on, the Northwestern Wildcats will play the University of Illinois for the title of best FBS school not named Northern Illinois. It’s a down year at the college level, that’s for sure.

By early this afternoon, football will join baseball as sports that are in their offseason to me. Basketball and hockey, by comparison, never make it to my radar screen to begin with. Sports as a whole won’t matter again until March at the earliest. But that will be just fine with me.

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