Humanity’s yin and yang


A couple of years ago, I wrote something here about yin and yang, and applied them to baseball in general, and Theo Epstein in particular. It’s now two years later, and the Cubs are still stuck in the depths of yin, but I wanted to revisit the Taoist ideal as it relates to the polar opposites of humanity, as pictured above.

I really do appreciate the new pope’s willingness to attack inequality and the reasons why it exists. He’s certainly put those who embrace a market-based faith in capitalism on the defensive, and that’s a good thing. If Rush Limbaugh calls the pope a Marxist, I say keep doing what you’re doing, your Holiness. Ideas about compassion and love are definitely yang, so far as I’m concerned.

And then there’s the guy on the left up above. I wrote about him once, and I had hoped that was enough. But when I saw an image of him and Pope Francis side by side, with one attired in white, and the other one clad in black, I knew I had to revisit Limbaugh. Perhaps this will be the last time (I don’t know).

There can’t be a clearer contrast between two visions of humanity. Their facial expressions alone are enough to tell the difference between them. The one on the left, Rush Yinbaugh–I like the way that sounds–is all about himself, while the one on the right, Pope Francis, is all about helping others. He’s stirring things up, and I applaud him for doing so. He is the yang to Rush Limbaugh’s yin, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from him in the months and years to come.

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