The day after #Dominick’s went away


I haven’t known a day in Chicago without a Dominick’s store. In some of the places I’ve lived, it was my go-to place to shop. And now, they are all either shut down or in the process of becoming something else.

It’s not like somebody has died, or that the world won’t keep spinning without a grocery chain. I won’t get carried away with this point, but I can’t let it go without a comment, either. This is something that everyone living in Chicago can identify with, whether they shop there or not.

As time goes by, people who remember Dominick’s stores will forget or die out, and one day–a long time away–nobody will remember them anymore. So I’m putting down a historical marker before that happens, in the hope that it will one day keep an old memory alive, or introduce someone to a place they can’t go to anymore. The internet is forever, even if a grocery chain is not.


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