Quarterly Report #9


For the first six months that I wrote this blog, I never had a post of less than 100 words. In fact, some of my posts topped 1000 words back in those days. I had lots of time and lots of ideas, and the results were such that words just flowed out of me and onto the computer screen. But those days now seem far away.

Over the past three months, I’ve written about many things that have interested me. But many times, I say what I want and get out in less than 100 words. In fact, 20 of the posts that I’ve put here this quarter didn’t make 100 words. I haven’t run out of things to say, as much as I’ve lost interest in drawing things out as I once did.

I suppose that as life gets shorter–as it does every single day–so does my desire to belabor things here. But I love to write and share stories, and that won’t change. But it has been taking on a different form in this space.

My favorite pieces this quarter involved the help given to the victims of the November tornadoes in Central Illinois, and the typhoon that hit the Philippines. The world lost a great leader last quarter, and I lost a restaurant that was a favorite of mine many years ago. But as the sign up above indicates, the world still keeps turning, and my take on it in the form of this blog keeps on going, as well.

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