Some words to appreciate


I started this blog two and a half years ago, and I’ve gone through a few tagline changes since then. Every so often, I’ll find a phrase or an idea that catches my fancy, and I’ll add it to the line beneath the blog’s title. I’ve been inspired in this way by the likes of Pliny the Elder and Heavy D, and if that’s not eclectic enough, I’m about to add a third name to this list. From this point forward, I plan to use a poetic couplet written long ago by W.H. Davies, the original “Super-tramp.”

My guess is that in 2014, W.H. Davies doesn’t get much recognition. Until this afternoon, I had lived life without ever hearing his name before. But I stumbled upon a poem of his named “Leisure,” and the closing two lines rang true to me. The text of the entire poem is here, but the lines I’m using are as follows:

What a poor life this is if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare

The time that I take writing this blog, instead of sleeping or cleaning my house or doing anything else, is my time to stand and stare:

Stare at the day, or a moment therein that’s worth reflecting on.

Stare at my kids, and marvel at the people that they’re evolving into before my very eyes.

Stare at my past, and understand how it has shaped the course my life has taken.

Stare at the world, for all of its quirks and unpredictability.

Stare at the things that matter to all the world, or matter only to me.

Whatever it is, I stare at it by putting a few words and a picture onto the internet, where perhaps they will mean something to somebody else one day.

Until I find something else–which might happen tomorrow and it might not happen at all–I think I’ll use Davies’ words as inspiration in my tagline.

I’m glad that staring is something we can all do in our lives, and I challenge everyone who sees this to join with me in the stares. There’s no telling what it might present to us.

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