You give a push, and you get a push

CT  snowy chicago 4

With snow falling in many places around the country, and even in places that don’t get too much snow, I feel compelled to remind anyone and everyone of one simple truism that I’ve learned from decades of living in snowy Chicago: Help each other out.

No matter who you are or what you drive, you’re likely to get stuck in a snowdrift at some point. You’ll be surprised and humbled at the way that people will come to your aid with a push that will help your overmatched car get through the snowdrift. You’ll want to thank them for their help, but stopping to do so means you’ll just get stuck again. So instead you drive away, glad that you have your mobility back.

But to benefit from these random pushes, you better be ready to help out someone else when they’re stuck, too. They won’t thank you, either, for the reasons that I’ve already mentioned. But they’ll be grateful for the help, just the same.

People giving help to others who need it, and accepting help from others when the time comes. I really don’t like winter, but the little things like this do help to restore my faith in people sometimes.

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