Clearing out some space

imageThe dirty secret about the practice of dibs–which is saving a parking spot on the street by putting chairs in the space during the wintertime–is that once somebody saves a spot for themselves, they have no incentive to clear it out. Once it’s theirs, it’s theirs. Or so the thinking goes, anyway.

Today the sun was out, and the temperature rose above 32 degrees, so the snow started to melt. I then went outside with a shovel and cleared about 60 feet of parking space along my street. It was hard work, too, because there was a thick layer of ice at the bottom of the snow. But I felt like it had to be done, because two people had cordoned off this stretch of the public way as being theirs.

When the space had been cleared, I chucked the chairs and the garbage pail that had been used as placeholders aside. And I don’t know who will be parking in those spaces tonight, nor do I care very much. All I know is that the squatters have been evicted, and that feels pretty good.

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