Still another writing outlet


Over the past few years, I’ve sent some of my writing into other websites. It’s always a hoot to see something that I wrote turn up somewhere, whether it’s in print or online. For reasons that may never make sense to me, I enjoy helping to create content for places that share my interests.

So in addition to a baseball site (, and a Chicago sports site (, and a general sports site (, I’ve recently contributed a couple of pieces to a Chicago Cubs website as well ( And all while adding some new material to this site every day or two. I’ll hopefully never give this site up.

With the baseball season starting up in about a month, I’ll be sure to shake off the offseason doldrums. I love to write, though, so I’m happy to lend a hand whenever the opportunity arises.

March is going to be hard month to get through, I can tell already. But April is waiting at the end of it, at least.

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