Sweet irony


I don’t get into politics that much here, but it’s not off-limits for me, either. I’m a proud member of what Paul Ryan refers to as “the Left” and I can’t resist the urge to take a whack at him for his recent speech in front of the CPAC gathering.

“The Left” offers an full stomach and an empty soul, in Ryan’s words. He made this point by telling a story of a young child who wanted his lunch in a brown paper bag, because this meant that someone cared about him. A hot, government lunch didn’t do that for him, apparently. Pity the poor child who has to suffer through a hot meal provided by an uncaring government agency. Or something like that.

But the story never happened. It was based on a scene from a book called An Invisible Thread, meaning that a story designed to provoke outrage from the well-heeled audience he was addressing actually provoked outrage from anyone who values intellectual honesty, instead. And also from anyone who is paying attention, which probably isn’t that many people. But that’s a post for another time.

By suggesting that feeding hungry children is the mark of an “empty soul,” Ryan revealed himself as someone who’s lacking in the soul department, himself. And by using a story that he cribbed from someone, who cribbed it from a book herself, he revealed himself as a fraud, too. And some people will support this man’s ambition to become president, if not in 2016 then at some other point down the road. It’s no wonder that this nation is so incredibly screwed up.


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