Say it again!

Over the weekend, my little one took part in an ice skating competition in the suburbs of Chicago. She was in an event called “interp” where the skaters are given a piece of music and told to come up with moves to go along with the song. More often than not, the music selections–which are something the kids don’t have any control over–are radio songs that I’m already sick of. But this weekend was a pleasant surprise.

For some reason, my little one drew the assignment of skating to Edwin Starr’s “War” and she nailed it. She was angry and strident, just the way that the song was meant to be played. She’s normally all smiles on the ice, but the thought of war just blows her mind. She won first place, and she deserved it because she channeled Edwin Starr perfectly.

I was reminded of how I wrote something in this space last fall, when some people were calling for war against Syria for some reason. I expressed the hope that President Obama wouldn’t take that bait, and with hindsight I’m pleased this was the case. And now, just six months later, the John McCains of the world are again calling for war–or something pretty close to it–with Russia over Ukraine.

But this president doesn’t do wars, and for that he gets called “weak” by some people. It wasn’t long ago that any dissent against George Bush and his wars was labelled as treason, but now the shoe is on the other foot. You can parse the differences between President Obama and his political enemies all you want, but the bottom line is that he ends the wars he inherited, and avoids getting caught up in new wars. And if this drives Lindsey Graham nuts, so much the better.

Edwin Starr may or may not have been smiling down on my scowling ten year-old as she was skating to his song last weekend, but he definitely would approve of the president’s actions to this point. After all, War ain’t nothing but a heartbreaker. 

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