Republican hipster alert!


I don’t know any hipster millennials personally, and that’s just fine with me. The little bit I’ve seen of them doesn’t leave a good impression, for reasons I can’t readily define. But they are the future, so whatever annoyances they may have are just going to be dealt with. The planet continues to rotate, as it always has before.

But the commercials I’ve seen online with “Scott Greenberg” make me laugh. It’s almost a parody of a hipster, but he somehow drives an Audi and spouts out words of sympathy for the “job creators” who might want to hire his friends one day. It’s clearly not the language of somebody in his 20s, but of somebody who watches Fox News (average age: 68) and thinks he knows how young people think. It’s sad and pathetic, but it’s also ripe for satire.

And that’s just what John Oliver has given us. I was sad that he left Jon Stewart’s show, but happy that he’s moving on to do his own show at HBO. And if the skewering that he gives to the Republican hipster is any indication, the show will be worth watching when it debuts later this year.


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