What I do for fun


Now that baseball season is finally here, I find myself directing much of my attention to writing about the Cubs. I don’t get all the sleep I want, but that’s all right because this is fun for me.

Sportswriters get paid to tell me–and everyone else–what they think about the game and my team, and we’re then expected to internalize it and make their thoughts our own. But I’m not playing that game this year. I write what I think, and then look around to see what others might think. But I’m doing the thinking myself, and the writing is a manifestation of this. It feels like liberation, on some level.

Three pieces that I wrote about the Cubs and the first two games of the season are here (for ThroughTheFenceBaseball), here (for FiveWideSports) and here (for WrigleyvilleNation). I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg now that the season is underway. It feels like making up for lost time.

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