Month without McDonald’s, Part 4


The minimum wage seems to be McDonald’s best friend. When the Senate killed an attempt to raise the minimum wage last week, I’m sure there were a few happy McDonald’s franchise owners and higher-ups in the corporate structure. But there were thousands of workers who lost out, and I am–and will always be–closer to the latter group than the former. So I’m voting on this matter with my feet.

I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s once this year, in part to protest their low-wage business model, and in part because I’m carrying around too much McDonald’s food with me already. And I don’t miss it, either. Life without McDonald’s is just great.

This is my fourth McGolden Trophy, and the others are here and here and here.

Until next month…..

2 thoughts on “Month without McDonald’s, Part 4

    1. I don’t miss it, either. I can’t change they way they–or anyone else–does business, but I can choose whether or not to support it with my money. I feel better, knowing that I’m not part of the problem anymore. Thanks for reading.

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