As fresh as a Foghat concert


I was on my way to work yesterday when, for reasons I’ll likely never understand, one of the greatest movie insults I have heard came to me. It happened in the movie Kingpin, where Woody Harrelson’s character is told that his act is “about as fresh as a Foghat concert.” The implication is that Foghat, a band from the 1970s, had long passed its shelf life by the time this movie appeared in 1996.

Of course, something from 1996 is now almost as stale as Foghat was in the 1990s. But that’s beside the point. It was a funny line then, and it’s still funny now.

I turned on the radio to hear some music and lo and belold, Foghat was playing. Since my car flashes the name of the artist and songs–at least it does once in a while–I snapped a picture to record the moment for posterity. Maybe I subconsciously knew Foghat was playing on the radio before I turned it on. It’s the only explanation that makes any sense.

Whatever it was, the world didn’t really need a Foghat story on the internet, but it has one now. Isn’t technology great?


6 thoughts on “As fresh as a Foghat concert

    1. Fool for the City was the song I heard on the radio. What songs they do besides those two, I don’t have any idea.

      1. LOL I love Foghat, also I love Kingpin and i use that line often. Actually Foghat has a huge catalog of music. Some albums are better than others. I would suggest you find and listen to Foghat Live. One of the greatest Live albums of the 20th Century. 2 good albums worth listening to are Stone Blue and Rock N Roll Outlaws. I consider those their best

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