Month without McDonald’s, part 5


Once again, on the last day of a month where I did not go to a McDonald’s, I’m presenting another one of their signs as a trophy of sorts. Five months without patronizing this business feels positively great.

By paying their workers minimum wages, and thus ensuring that many of them will go on public assistance in order to survive, the Golden arches have earned all of the worker mistrust that manifested itself with protests at the corporate headquarters in suburban Chicago this past month. Good on those who put themselves on the line for this cause.

Other businesses, particularly in fast food, probably do the same thing McDonald’s does in this regard. But withholding my money from this one business is a good start to realizing that cheap food has costs we aren’t supposed to consider when a food craving sets in.

McDonald’s won’t go under because I don’t eat there anymore. I, however, get the satisfaction of knowing that they depend on sales, and my part of this equation has gone somewhere else, hopefully for good. And that’s more than I was doing a year ago about this.

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