You can be the greatest, you can be the best


As June comes to a close, I think back on what’s been an interesting month. I haven’t put very much new content in this space, but I make it a point to refresh things here every few days or so. The days of posting five or six different things here in the same 24-hour period could be over, but I’ll always need some outlet for the thoughts in my head. I lived many years–too many years, actually–without having such an outlet, and the one that I’ve created for myself is not going to go away.

I was thinking today about a song by the Script, a band that my daughter is into and saw live in concert earlier this month. The song is called “Hall of Fame” and it has an inspirational message that I can relate to. The band says that you can accomplish anything you want to, but you have to dedicate yourself and work hard before it can happen.

My hope is that the blogging I’ve done here–and the other online writing that I continue to do–is a step in this process. I want to be an excellent writer someday, and I recognize that it won’t just happen by itself.

Taking thoughts inside my head and translating them into a tangible form is what every writer does. But still I keep at it, in the hope that doing it over and over serves some larger purpose. I’ll never be the greatest or the best, but I’ll keep working at it and trying to improve. The Script and ask for nothing less.

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