Imagine all the people, sharing all the world

From the first time I ever heard this song, I don’t even know how many years ago, I’ve hoped that people would take its message to heart. It’s a message of hope and love and peace, which are things that everybody should want, for themselves and everyone they come into contact with.

But the rush to war–like we saw a bit more than a decade ago in this country–drowns all that out. It makes people who oppose war seem like the ones who are in the wrong. But the fact is that war kills people. Benjamin Franklin once said there was no such thing as a just war, and he was right about that.

Pearl Jam has carried the anti-war banner for many years now, and I’m happy to hear them–or at least their frontman–step out in this way. I hope some day more will join him, and the world will live as one.

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