Thoughts from southern Indiana


There are some people–probably more than I would know how to count–who think that “government” is a bad thing. It exists solely to take their hard-earned money away and give it to those who don’t deserve it. Abolish the IRS, these people say, and the country will be much better off.

For the sake of offsetting such views, I offer the Interstate highways that connect our cities and states together. Those roads–and bridges, in some cases–didn’t just appear by accident. The government once had to design the routes, acquire the land, grade the roads, and pay the workers who put them into place. It had to also paint the lines on the roads, put up signs so people knew where they are going, and build exit ramps. And because they once went to all this trouble, all of us can travel around this country in the quickest way possible.

Governments are not perfect. Nothing designed and run by humans ever are. But to those who cling to the notion that all government is a waste of their money, I offer this advice: get into your car and drive, but avoid the roads that government funds have provided to you. That would not only make for an exceedingly short drive, but would also prove the point that you are actually getting something in return for your tax dollars.

Some food for thought as we head out for a long holiday weekend. The fall foliage is beautiful, by the way.

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