A Project I Can Get Behind


Donald Trump was impeached tonight, and I wish I could say it will cleanse this country of all the madness that he has brought to bear, but I know that isn’t true. Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz and the rest will kneecap impeachment in the Senate, and Trump will then be free to do whatever else he can think of between now and the election next fall.

But the Lincoln Project, on the other hand, truly excites me. My love and appreciation for my namesake has been well-documented here, so anything with his name attached to it has inherent interest for me. But as I understand it, this is a group of Republicans dedicated to the cause of defeating Trump and his ennablers in the 2020 election.

So what if I won’t have anything in common with this group ideologically? They want what I want, more than anything else in 2020. I love Bernie Sanders, but the socialism banner will get used against him to the point of ridiculousness should he win the Democratic nomination, which I also think is extremely unlikely, There are too many Hillary loyalists in the DNC to ever allow that to happen.

I could write for days about why I don’t want Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden to be nominated, and not too long ago I would have gladly done just that. But my blog has been dormant for some time now, because writing isn’t the thrill it once was for me. Call it age, or cynicism, or the realization that sleep is better for me physically than writing could ever be. Whatever the reasons may be, my writing output has come to a screeching halt in 2019.

Will any of that change, given Trump’s impeachment and the rise of Obi-Wan Rick Wilson as a Trump hater’s only hope? Time will tell, but for now I’m willing to put a few paragraphs together in the hope that it does.

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