The New York Groove


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To get through this Coronavirus shutdown, I’ve pulled out a box of old pictures, and am pulling out a few of them to post on Instagram and tell the story about the shot. An exercise in narcissim, to be sure, but we must do what we can in these unprecedented times. And writing is maybe the only thing I would say I can reliably do. Writing well may be another story, of course, but as long as I’m having fun I’ll just keep on doing it.

The first picture I posted was of my two girls on a ferris wheel inside of the Toys R Us store in New York City. It, like all other Toys R Us stores, is gone now, but that experience, and the trip that surrounded it, was among my favorites. Neither of my daughters was a teenager, and neither had a smartphone yet. I had no idea at the time how good of a time that really was.

Most of the pictures from that trip were digital, and the trip came just days after I began writing this blog. Some of the shots may have been used in other posts, but my photos file in WordPress has many images I’ve uploaded but never got around to writing about. So here’s about two dozen images, as a memory from a moment in time in a world that now seems very far in the past.

Here’s hoping that NYC weathers the current storm without too much further damage, and returns to its vibrant self in short order. The USA, and the world itself, needs the Big Apple more than it might realize under normal conditions. And these are the times, as Thomas Paine once wrote, that try men’s souls. Nobody knows this better than New York right now.

New York is the one city that Chicago has always had a thing about (that whole Second City syndrome and all), and there’s certainly something to that. Times Square alone is on a grand scale that few–if any–can match. It’s a great place to visit, and I’m happy to report my family made a return visit there on a brutally hot weekend in 2019. But I don’t know if living there is something I could do, and fortunately I’ve never had to find out.

But New York is in my heart right now, as I think about the images of a deserted Times Square I saw online earlier today. The city is taking a hard punch right now, and anyone there (or anywhere else in this nation) will always remember the events of March, 2020.

So I’m posting these here to remind myself, and anyone else who stumbles upon this post, of what New York City was, and will be again some day soon. It’s up to you, New York, and we’re all pulling for you to make it through.

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