This should be an interesting matchup (but actually, it really wasn’t)

Age is playing at home and getting a few points, too.

I haven’t cared about the Super Bowl in a long time, but I’ll probably never get away from watching it. And this year, there’s the truth of an old saying that will be tested out:

“Age and treachery will overcome youth and skill.”

On the Age side is Tom Brady, who could become just the second quarterback (Peyton Manning was the first) to win a Super Bowl quarterbacking two different teams. And the Youth side features Patrick Mahomes, who is 25 and already has a Super Bowl ring to show to anyone who wants to see it.

Age is getting three points, and playing on his home turf. So we’re about to see if the old saying is a good one. I’m thinking (as an old guy myself) that it is.

UPDATE: Bucaneers 31, Chiefs 9. ‘Nuff said.

One thought on “This should be an interesting matchup (but actually, it really wasn’t)

  1. Sorry, Lincoln, but you are in several class photos with me. As a consequence, you cannot be old. Expwerienced, ye=s. Seasoned, for sure. But, never old. That is all.

    Halloween and the Superbowl are 100% American “holidays” and are wonderful. Normally, complete strangers are welcomed into personal living spaces for a social event, high-lighted by tasty treats and people wearing masks and other costumes. Beats apple pie (another favorite, especially a-la-mode) all day! Peace and God bless

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