Trump will never be another Lincoln

The photo op at the White House yesterday was perhaps the most absurd and unsettling moment I can imagine. Peaceful citizens standing in front of the White House, doing nothing more than peacefully assembling as the First Amendment allows, were tear gassed and shot at with projectiles, so that the national disgrace that is DonaldContinue reading “Trump will never be another Lincoln”

Republicans are no longer the Party of Lincoln

The nomination of Corey Stewart for a U.S. Senate seat in Virginia, and the president’s embrace of him, means that the Republicans can no longer call themselves the Party of Lincoln. It’s just that simple. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president, and the entirety of his time in office was dedicated to settling theContinue reading “Republicans are no longer the Party of Lincoln”

A Lincoln gallery

One hundred and fifty-three years ago today, Abraham Lincoln began the process of righting America’s greatest wrong. Slavery had existed for centuries, sanctioned by law and practiced by many of the men who spoke of human liberty when they applied it to white folks, but were more than willing to deny it to those whoContinue reading “A Lincoln gallery”

The golden arches and Abe Lincoln’s hat

I took this picture yesterday as I was waiting at a red light in Chicago. I love this view, and I could probably crop out the McDonald’s sign attached to his stovepipe hat, but why not leave it in, instead? Would Lincoln eat McDonalds, if he were alive today? We’ll never know for certain, butContinue reading “The golden arches and Abe Lincoln’s hat”

Mourning over the Lincoln

I write about Abraham Lincoln a lot in this space. And maybe it’s a natural extension of that for the Lincoln restaurant (which I have always thought of as “The Lincoln”) was one of my favorite places to eat. So the dismay that I feel at the news that it will be closing its doorsContinue reading “Mourning over the Lincoln”

A reason to admire Lincoln

I write about Lincoln all the time here, and there’s a reason for that. He righted this nation’s greatest wrong, and he lifted the scourge that undercut everything America claimed to stand for. He made the nation that calls itself “the land of the free” into a closer approximation of that. And if we don’tContinue reading “A reason to admire Lincoln”

A Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address

Today I had some time on my hands, and a clear mission in mind. I wanted to film myself reciting the Gettysburg Address and upload it to, a once-in-a-lifetime project to record and upload Lincoln’s speech for posterity. There’s still some time to do this, as I type this out three days before theContinue reading “A Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address”

Lincoln would have loved this

Today was the first time that I had ever been inside Carl Schurz High School on the northwest side of Chicago. It’s over a hundred years old, which gives it a historical cache that many schools just don’t have. I found my way to the library,  which has a scale to it that I’ve neverContinue reading “Lincoln would have loved this”

Towering over Lincoln

Last weekend, I was at the Sangamon County courthouse in Springfield, Illinois. I was originally directed to the sixth floor, and when I got off the elevator I was greeted by a large bust of Abraham Lincoln, who never practiced in that courthouse, but who was a pretty successful Springfield lawyer. I posed for aContinue reading “Towering over Lincoln”

My lifelong Lincoln tour continues

Growing up in Springfield, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln comes to you through osmosis. Lincoln’s Home, Lincoln’s Tomb, the Old State Capitol where the “House Divided” speech was delivered, it’s all right there. And I’ve been to them all. And it’s expanded into other Lincoln sites outside of Springfield: The Lincoln Memorial and Ford’s Theatre in DC,Continue reading “My lifelong Lincoln tour continues”

Lincoln 101

Although he died a century before I was born, Abraham Lincoln has been a big part of my life, and I’ve written about him on many occasions before. On the occasion of Presidents Day, I humbly offer the following: For an explanation of how Lincoln came to be my middle name, click here. For aContinue reading “Lincoln 101”

Nothing trumps Lincoln, but…

When I saw Lincoln on the screen last year, I felt like a kid on the last day of school. There was so much to look forward to, and it didn’t disappoint. It was the movie of a lifetime for this ardent Lincoln buff, who was born up the road from where Lincoln lived, andContinue reading “Nothing trumps Lincoln, but…”

A Lincoln apparition

I’m glad that Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln lived up to my expectations of it. It was a great movie that told a great story in a riveting way. It will win several Oscars when the time comes, and it deserves to. I don’t think anyone’s going to try bringing Lincoln to the screen again for aContinue reading “A Lincoln apparition”

A couple of interesting Lincoln views

One of the perks of being a history geek is having some interesting old things. A piece I wrote about Mount Rushmore yesterday triggered a memory of an old issue of American Heritage from 1977. At about the same time Star Wars was redefining the movies forever, the self-proclaimed “Magazine of History” ran a story about theContinue reading “A couple of interesting Lincoln views”

An alternate version of Lincoln’s words

Everybody knows the Gettysburg Address, or at least the version of it that appears in every history book you’ll ever see, and on the wall inside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C, and in other public places as well. But I recently came upon a slightly different version of it, and I wanted to shareContinue reading “An alternate version of Lincoln’s words”

It’s Lincoln or secession, but not both

There’s a petition online asking for Texas to be allowed to secede from the Union. This is as idiotic as an idea can possibly be, because it flies in the face of American history. To wit: Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860. The slaveholding South decided they were not willing to abide this electoralContinue reading “It’s Lincoln or secession, but not both”

Finding Lincoln, again

I’ve written about unexpected encounters with Lincoln before. I grew up in Lincoln’s hometown of Springfield, Illinois, and I now live in Chicago, where he would have most likely returned to, had he lived to complete his second term. Lincoln seems to be everywhere, and yet I’m always happy when he turns up anew. LastContinue reading “Finding Lincoln, again”

Becoming Lincoln

Election fatigue is setting in, after all of these months of campaigning. And it’s true that I want the election to end quickly, but I think that there might be a post-election fight, just like there was in 2000 when George W. Bush was awarded the presidency by the Supreme Court. I very much hopeContinue reading “Becoming Lincoln”

A Lincoln triple play

Last year, my family and I traveled to Washington, DC for Spring Break. If you’re an American, and you’ve never been there before, get there as quickly as you can. There are items from the American experience that won’t be found anywhere but in Washington. Spend the money, and connect with your cultural home. AndContinue reading “A Lincoln triple play”

Lincoln at sunrise

I’ve written about Lincoln several times before in this space. Some of the posts are here and here and here. There are many things about human nature that disappoint me, or worse, but our enduring interest in this boy from the Kentucky backwoods always makes up for them, at least in my mind. This morningContinue reading “Lincoln at sunrise”

My favorite Lincoln statue

I’ve always been amazed by Abraham Lincoln. He literally came from nowhere, and saved the country at its darkest hour. He righted the worst wrong, while giving us bits of wisdom and insight that will ring true forever. I have a Lincoln desk calendar in the office where I work, but since I can goContinue reading “My favorite Lincoln statue”

In the Lap of Lincoln

The statue above is Young Lincoln by Charles Keck, located in Senn Park, Chicago. Thinking about statues generally, there are a couple of assumptions that people might make. The first is that a statue is unveiled in a certain spot, and there it remains for time immemorial. Why immortalize someone if they’re going to beContinue reading “In the Lap of Lincoln”

Mr. Lincoln and me

For my family, the school year ends in late June.  Classes always begin after Labor Day, which turns Memorial Day into a day off from school, but not the beginning of Summer that is for many families. It might sound like a drag to keep the school routine going for a few extra weeks eachContinue reading “Mr. Lincoln and me”