Fires on the mountain

The Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge/Sevierville area of the Great Smoky Mountains–and the word “Great” does apply to this region–is a beautiful place. I’ve been there on a few occasions, beginning when I was ten years old, and I’ve written about it here before. So the news that there are 14 fires burning there right now is very… Continue reading Fires on the mountain

Running away from me

My little one was in a hurry to get back to the ranger station and get a plastic junior ranger badge. It wasn’t anything more meaningful than that. Even so, it felt like a metaphor of some kind. Like her youth is getting further and further away. And when that happens –as I know it… Continue reading Running away from me

And the snow comes back

Yesterday was the first snowfall of the year, or at least for this winter. Last winter’s snow pattern was very strange, with a dusting on Christmas day, and then none until early February. We obviously won’t be getting that again this year. I also saw some snow in the Smoky Mountains on Spring break, so… Continue reading And the snow comes back

Quarterly Report #7

I skipped doing a Quarterly report after the first three months of 2013, which would have been the seventh quarter that I’ve been writing this blog. Perhaps I was busy, of I kept putting it off until it was too late, but whatever the reason was, I didn’t do it. So this report is being… Continue reading Quarterly Report #7

Cry for these nights

I was driving through Tennessee today, shifting Spring break from the Smoky Mountains to Memphis and Graceland. And a very strange thing occurred as I was looking for something to listen to on the radio. Music on the radio has been something of  a recurring theme since I began writing this blog almost two years… Continue reading Cry for these nights

Write perfectly plain

I saw this scrap of newspaper on a wall in the Walker sisters cabin in the Smoky Mountains National Park. There was a long hike through some beautiful terrain in order to reach the cabin. At the end of the hike, the cabin seemed underwhelming at first. But a closer look revealed that many bits… Continue reading Write perfectly plain