The Cubs’ World Series trail led through California

One year ago, I wrote a piece for WrigleyvilleNation pointing out that the Cubs were beating teams from the old National League East in the postseason, and I liked that idea. Teams from the NL West had been nothing but trouble for the Cubs, and I thought maybe the Eastern route would pay off inContinue reading “The Cubs’ World Series trail led through California”

It’s the Isle of Man, man

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been calling out new nations when they join the roster of places this blog has been. The one-year anniversary of WordPress breaking them out this way is coming up soon, and the list of countries on the list is much longer than the list not on it. Today theContinue reading “It’s the Isle of Man, man”

Another piece filled in

The number of nations where this blog has been accessed has grown ever since WordPress began tracking it in late February of 2012. There are now just a few gaps remaining in the Western Hemisphere, and at the risk of sounding like a human atlas, I can tell you exactly where they are: Cuba (maybeContinue reading “Another piece filled in”

What’s up, Uzbekistan?

I’ve mentioned before that the global reach of this blog is astonishing. It’s to the point now where about two dozen nations, most of them in Africa, are the only places left where my blog has not yet been seen. And today was the first time that someone in Uzbekistan found their way to BlueBattingHelmet.Continue reading “What’s up, Uzbekistan?”

Covering the world

Here’s the map of the world that WordPress uses to track my blog’s page views. The countries that are colored in are places where somebody has accessed something on this site at least once. A few of the remaining countries I might not ever get seen in, but then again you never know. The numberContinue reading “Covering the world”

Pink elephants, real and imagined

A couple of days ago, I wrote that the number of countries where my blog has not been viewed is a small number, and that the removal of any nations from that list is a cause for, if not celebration, then at least a sense of wonderment on my part. I’ll never physically travel toContinue reading “Pink elephants, real and imagined”

Add another country to the list

I started writing this blog for fun, just a little bit more than eighteen months ago. And one of the ways that it’s fun wasn’t yet apparent back in 2011. In fact, it didn’t become clear to me until WordPress began offering information about the location of the visitors to this site, exactly ten monthsContinue reading “Add another country to the list”

Still another majority

Will all of the election data still coming in, and the analysis of what it all means now in full swing, there’s one more element that nobody seems to have mentioned. Since this is one of the things I like to do–pointing out what no one else seems to have considered–here goes with some electionContinue reading “Still another majority”

Home, home again

Wednesday evening, O’Hare Airport The plane touched down a few minutes early and the plane de-boarding began as usual. The terminals at O’Hare seem excessively long, especially late at night when the bustle has ended for the day. But there are bags that must be claimed, and a cab that must be hired before theContinue reading “Home, home again”

The modern Great Wall

I’ve written before about how interesting it is to see where the page views for this blog are coming from. WordPress began breaking down page views by country of origin last February, and since that time, something that I created has found its way into 150 different nations around the world. The majority of theseContinue reading “The modern Great Wall”

Thank you, Gabon!

(Photo from To pick up on a theme that I wrote about here, today this website recorded its first visitor from the African republic of Gabon. As with every other visitor, in every other country (it’s currently at 119 nations and counting), I don’t have any way of knowing who it was, or how theyContinue reading “Thank you, Gabon!”

A change is gonna come someday

I took my daughters to a Cuban restaurant tonight. We ate plantains, and medianoche sandwiches, and yucca for an appetizer, and it was all really good.  It’s been open for two months and I hope it can survive in the suburbs of a Northern city without any noticeable Cuban community. At least I did myContinue reading “A change is gonna come someday”