Bye now!

I’m of two minds as I begin to write this post. On the one hand, I’m disappointed that I’m devoting even a moment of my time (and possibly yours) to the woman pictured above. She’s as narcissistic as they come, and I’ll put her name in the tags for search engine purposes, but I’ll notContinue reading “Bye now!”

My 9/11 story

The picture above was taken in New York City in 2002, not very long after 9/11 took place. A church in lower Manhattan had become the closest thing anyone had to a memorial for those who were killed on that day. People came from far and wide to leave notes of condolence or encouragement onContinue reading “My 9/11 story”

There’s a Cowboy in the Jungle

Today was the first day of school for my two kids. We had a great summer, from the first weekend in New York City to the last week in South Dakota. It didn’t matter where we were or what we did, it was all good in the summertime. Having summers off–while they no longer serveContinue reading “There’s a Cowboy in the Jungle”

A big change over the past year

Last fall I went out of town for a few days on a business trip. And one of the things I typically do on the road is go to dinner with some colleagues. For the last night of the trip, I hit Yelp! and started looking for a brewpub. For me, the actual food typeContinue reading “A big change over the past year”


If I were making a list of my all-time favorite movies, The Naked Gun would be on it somewhere. I also loved Airplane!, and the “Police Squad” series that was on TV very briefly after that. But a movie based on that series was about as good as it gets. Leslie Nielsen, the actor who playedContinue reading “Strike?”

2003 will not leave me alone

There was an Alex Gonzalez playing shortstop at Wrigley Field tonight. No, not the Alex Gonzalez who was the Cubs shortstop in 2003. He was the one who booted a double play ball, and opened up the floodgates that washed away the World Series dreams of me and millions of Cubs fans. If he hadContinue reading “2003 will not leave me alone”

Get your talent out there

Two great songwriters died yesterday. Nick Ashford, who wrote “Solid,” “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and more songs than I can list here (including one of my favorite Ray Charles songs) and  Jerry Lieber (who wrote “Stand by Me,” “Jailhouse Rock” and lots more that you’ve heard before) each touched our lives through their music.Continue reading “Get your talent out there”

My family meets the world

The picture above was taken six years ago at the Grand Canyon. My older daughter was in kindergarten then, and for Spring Break so we decided to go someplace fun. I had never been to Arizona before, and so we (me, my wife and two daughters) rented a cabin near Sedona and used it asContinue reading “My family meets the world”

My second favorite place on earth

I grew up watching Cubs games on WGN in Chicago. It was a central part of my youth, just like the school I went to and the things I did to keep myself amused and out of trouble when I couldn’t watch or play baseball. I watched other shows on WGN too, like Bozo’s CircusContinue reading “My second favorite place on earth”

Aruba? Are you kidding me?

As I’ve previously indicated here, I’m not a fan of television. But it’s a part of modern life, and one of those reasons that people like myself give to justify its existence is to “keep up with what’s happening in the world.” Fair enough. Reading a newspaper is another way of doing that, but theContinue reading “Aruba? Are you kidding me?”

Skunks are the worst

It was a lovely summer night this evening. I was sitting outside on the front steps with my wife, a friend from down the street, and my dog. Conversation was flowing, the bugs hadn’t found us, it was as nice as could be. And then a skunk crashed the party. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writingContinue reading “Skunks are the worst”

Thoughts on being a Junior

All my life, I’ve hated the fact that I’m a Junior. So much so that I’ve gone to great lengths to cover it up it. I rarely, if ever, use it in everyday life. The only places a person could go to see it are my driver’s license and my educational degrees. Those seem likeContinue reading “Thoughts on being a Junior”

Looking backward in time

My two daughters are great. I love them with every fiber of my soul. And I try to give them things when they ask for them. One of the things they seem to want is stories and information about when I was a kid. Maybe this humanizes me, and makes me seem more like theyContinue reading “Looking backward in time”

Reality bites (no, really)

I hate reality TV. I don’t much care for television in general, but this particular genre makes no sense to me. In fact, I’m writing this piece without naming any names or identifying any shows, because I don’t want to feed the beast any more than it’s already being fed. It’s going to be hardContinue reading “Reality bites (no, really)”

Sing about the good things, and the Sun that lights the day

There isn’t anything more essential to life here on earth than the sun. It provides light, and warmth, and without it we would all cease to exist. The sun is reliable, too (think of that song from “Annie”: The sun’ll come out, tomorrow…), so much so that we take it for granted, the way weContinue reading “Sing about the good things, and the Sun that lights the day”

We’re all in a lot of trouble

It’s been rainy this summer in the large city where I live. The rainiest 24 hour period in recorded history happened not too long ago, and the rainiest July was just completed. All of those melting glaciers seem to have made their way into the rain system, or whatever the right word for it is.Continue reading “We’re all in a lot of trouble”

Here’s the story….

Would my life have been better or worse without Sherwood Schwartz? I ask that because–unlike thousands of others who work in television–his contributions really did impact my life. As a kid, I watched every episode of Gilligan’s Island, and even when I had seen a particular episode before, I would still watch it again anyway.Continue reading “Here’s the story….”

RIP, Lorenzo Charles

You have to be, let’s say, of a certain age to appreciate what Lorenzo Charles did. He wasn’t a household name as an NBA player, and in today’s world that seems to be all that matters. No, Lorenzo Charles belonged to another time. And now, sadly, he belongs to wherever it is people go afterContinue reading “RIP, Lorenzo Charles”

Life, Death, Alcohol and New Jersey

I met up with a friend recently when I was visiting New York. It was the day after Clarence Clemons had died, and since my friend lives in New Jersey I offered him my condolences. He told me that if you don’t live in New Jersey, you can’t appreciate how much Springsteen and his bandContinue reading “Life, Death, Alcohol and New Jersey”