Reading the old news

The paper above was ten years old today. It hasn’t yellowed very much, and it’s much bigger than today’s paper would be. Reading through it felt like a time machine, in many ways. This paper was a keeper, and so I kept it. The pain of disappointment is still very strong, ten years after theContinue reading “Reading the old news”

Thoughts on Papi and Alou

Today was quite a day. Not only did I spend the day on a field trip with my daughter’s Girl Scout troop (more on that later, some day), but I had a variety of pieces running in different places. The I-still-can’t-quite-believe-it-happened comeback by the Red Sox in the ALDS–keyed by a grand slam by DavidContinue reading “Thoughts on Papi and Alou”

Operation Goose: An Introduction

Ten years is long enough. Ten years can sometimes feel like an eternity. And yet, for an event that took place almost a decade ago, the 2003 NLCS still feels close at hand. That’s because we have collectively frozen the moment in time, as if to preserve it somehow. It’s a natural response to somethingContinue reading “Operation Goose: An Introduction”