Having too much fun

I’ve been in the Florida keys on Spring Break, and my blog has been neglected as a result. Life is too enjoyable to take time away for blogging. What does this say about the hundreds of things I’ve posted on my blog through the years? I’m not sure, exactly. Maybe I need to find anotherContinue reading “Having too much fun”

I wish I had a pencil-thin mustache

Actually I don’t, but I’ve always thought of this song as a distillation of the ethos that fuels much of this blog. It’s about nostalgia for the past, in a world that no longer remembers–or cares much about–the subjects in the remembrances. Just the way that it used to be. I’m heading down to theContinue reading “I wish I had a pencil-thin mustache”

Standing on the spot

Last year I went to Memphis for Spring Break. The real goal was to visit Graceland, but several things that we did in Memphis seemed far more interesting, in retrospect. But perhaps the most important one was a visit the Lorraine Motel, where Dr. King was assassinated on April 4, 1968. I wasn’t yet born whenContinue reading “Standing on the spot”

It may be the last time, I don’t know

I went through this entrance to the Lincoln Restaurant a hundred times, at least. Having breakfast there was a Sunday tradition in the days before my kids were born. And now, unfortunately, it’s shut down. I hadn’t eaten there in a long while before it happened, and few restaurants get as long of a runContinue reading “It may be the last time, I don’t know”

Rebel, Rebel

I recently went on a long drive out west to see my in-laws at Christmas. A few pictures and stories from the trip were shared in this space, but the vast majority of it will live in brain’s memory, rather than in my computer’s memory. And that’s as it should be, I suppose. But one momentContinue reading “Rebel, Rebel”

Somewhere in Liberal, Kansas

I’ve lived quite a few years on this earth, but I’ve never been to Kansas before today. There are maybe ten or eleven more states I haven’t been to before, and making it to all 50 before my time is up would be nice. Tonight will be my first, and likely my last, night spentContinue reading “Somewhere in Liberal, Kansas”

And the snow comes back

Yesterday was the first snowfall of the year, or at least for this winter. Last winter’s snow pattern was very strange, with a dusting on Christmas day, and then none until early February. We obviously won’t be getting that again this year. I also saw some snow in the Smoky Mountains on Spring break, soContinue reading “And the snow comes back”

Driving in to Sangamon County

Last October, one of my brothers got married in my hometown of Springfield, Illinois. I spent the first 18 years of my life there, only rarely getting to see anything outside of it. So when the time to go away to college came, I left and never looked back. I suppose that’s human nature, inContinue reading “Driving in to Sangamon County”

I get around

Over the past few days, following a 36-hour nostalgia bender in my hometown, I’ve written pieces that appeared on FiveWideSports, ThroughTheFenceBaseball, and ChicagoSideSports. And in this space, of course. Translating the thoughts inside my head into words is something that I’ve always enjoyed. That’s a good thing, because anything stronger than caffeine has now beenContinue reading “I get around”

A new look at an old building

For the first 18 years of my life, I lived near Springfield, Illinois. And the tallest building in town, then and now, is the one pictured above. Together with the dome of the Illinois capitol building, it makes up the Springfield skyline, such as it is. There are 15 states that don’t have a buildingContinue reading “A new look at an old building”

The coolest place I can think of

As a certified baseball junkie, and an Abraham Lincoln fan to boot, I can’t think of a better place to visit than where I am right now. When Lincoln was riding the legal circuit in Central Illinois, before anyone knew his name, he came to Postville park in a town that would one day bearContinue reading “The coolest place I can think of”

Waiting for the parade

The view above is one of that I found on a river in Wisconsin. It must be hunting season, as I’ve heard five shots ring out since I’ve started typing this. I’m not a hunter and never will be, so I sought out a riverbank instead, content to watch the water flow by. It sureContinue reading “Waiting for the parade”

The time has flown by

I remember this picture well. It was taken in late December of 1999, as we had traveled to Sanibel Island, Florida, to celebrate the coming of the new millenium. Fears of Y2K were in the air. Remember that? It seems silly now, all these years later, but the idea that computers would get all wiggyContinue reading “The time has flown by”

Nature in all of its beauty

I came upon this bluff in a state park in Door County, Wisconsin. The first time I came to it, I was content to let the wind blow through my hair, and enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Michigan down below. But the second time, two days later with some others I had brought alongContinue reading “Nature in all of its beauty”

All good things must come to an end

The last day of summer doesn’t officially come for a while, but school starts up on Monday so today, for all inyents and purposes, was the last day of summer around here. But what a summer it was! Sleep away camps and day camps and traveling and movies and fireworks and rock and roll andContinue reading “All good things must come to an end”

On the eve of vacation

The summer vay-cay is around the corner, and I won’t be putting a thing into this space until it’s over. It’s been a great summer so far, and I’m looking forward to closing it out with a flourish. The picture above is from a summer trip two years ago, in the Black Hills of SouthContinue reading “On the eve of vacation”

It’s not where you start that matters

The poster above is on the walls of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. The idea that Elvis was ever buried at the bottom of a concert bill, and seemed to get mentioned only because he was a local talent, seems amazing to me. But within a couple of years, he was biggerContinue reading “It’s not where you start that matters”

An unexpected pilgrimage

I was raised to be a Catholic, but Catholicism was like a transplanted organ for me, in that my body rejected it. What takes the place of religious faith–at least for me–are the things that I believe in. Like most people, I have some things on this earth that help to explain the things IContinue reading “An unexpected pilgrimage”