A beauty of a poem about America

One of my favorite books is titled “Our American Heritage” and it was edited by Charles L. Wallis, and published by Harper & Row in 1970. My recollection is that I purchased it at the Newberry Library‘s annual book sale at least 10 years ago, and perhaps even closer to 20 years by now. It’sContinue reading “A beauty of a poem about America”

Still life

  Last night, as I was waiting with my family for a fireworks display to begin, my little one amused herself by doing gymnastics moves. The soft glow of the early evening, and an outsized American flag in the vicinity, seemed like a picture in the making. As darkness drew closer, my daughter continued herContinue reading “Still life”

Long may it wave

I saw a clip online today that made me angry. On the eve of celebrating the birth of this great country, there was Laura Ingraham and Bill O’Reilly, chattering on about illegal immigration. Terms like “anchor baby” were used, and the right wing fantasy that people can–and should–leave the country en masse reared its uglyContinue reading “Long may it wave”

A new twist on an old thing

Tonight was the Fourth of July, and last night’s fireworks show was going to be hard to top. I don’t think tonight’s show beat last night’s, really, but there was a novelty involved that’s hard to explain. And I may never watch fireworks the same way again. As my daughters and I entered the placeContinue reading “A new twist on an old thing”

Appreciating American music

As I was returning home from a long and most enjoyable vacation today, I commenced the battle of finding something on the radio. I wrote about this once before, and it makes me appreciate the concept of satellite radio. You pick a station you like, and never have to worry about whether it comes inContinue reading “Appreciating American music”