A theatrical riff on the Cubs and their curse

From Bleacher Bums to Rookie of the Year, and from “A Dying Cubs Fan’s Last Request” to “Go All the Way,” the Chicago Cubs inspire art like no other team in baseball, and perhaps all of professional sports. Tonight I got still another example of this, in the form of an unexpected but completely funnyContinue reading “A theatrical riff on the Cubs and their curse”

Forget about the goat

Before reading any further, I want you to think of an unlucky number. I’m willing to say that the default answer is the number 13. Absent some searing personal tragedy–like someone who lost their job on January 6 and now considers 16 to be unlucky–most people just accept that there’s something unfortunate attached to theContinue reading “Forget about the goat”

Hanu-Cubs, Night 8

Tonight’s festivities begin, as always, with Steve Goodman. The song is a repeat from a previous evening, but it’s a different version (played in front of a live audience, apparently) and the accompanying slide show is clearly someone’s labor of love. That’s good enough for me. Reading from right to left, and in the orderContinue reading “Hanu-Cubs, Night 8”