Titanic’s final victim

Last weekend, my youngest daughter and I walked to the local branch of the public library. It was a good bit of exercise, and we had some books that we needed to return. We decided to look around for a book to read, and both of us liked the look of a new one calledContinue reading “Titanic’s final victim”

An old poem made new again

April 26, 2012 was National Poem in Your Pocket day. I wasn’t aware of this until I saw something on Facebook about it. After all, that’s what grabs our attention anymore, isn’t it? I’m not always a follower of this kind of thing, but I wanted to participate in this. It was probably the poetryContinue reading “An old poem made new again”

The more things change….

I was paging through a book today and I came upon this line: “He told me of the interest of Chicago in Base Ball; how…thousands of lovers of the game at Chicago were wild for a winning team, but couldn’t get one” This could have been written today, but it was actually written a centuryContinue reading “The more things change….”