I love a good used bookstore

Lincoln never fails to inspire me. He’s more than just my middle name, although he is that as well. He’s the inspiration behind several things I’ve written in this space. And when I’m in a bookstore, as I was yesterday, I always know what subject to look for. And, fortunately, Lincoln books are always availableContinue reading “I love a good used bookstore”

What we’re losing

The last post I wrote¬†in this space made reference to a bookstore that’s closing soon. Bookstores have been disappearing for many years, with the recent liquidation of the Borders chain the most shocking example. The internet is changing the world, with iPads and Kindles and even smartphones filling in the void between our reading habitsContinue reading “What we’re losing”

A celebration of the Knuckleball

Congratulations to Tim Wakefield, who just earned his 200th career win. The majority of professional pitchers won’t even appear in 200 games at the major league level, so to have the sustained success he has had is remarkable. Wakefield’s success is largely due to his ability to throw the knuckleball. Umpire Ron Luciano called theContinue reading “A celebration of the Knuckleball”