Words that are still relevant today

I’m sure that nobody reading this has ever heard of Maurice Thompson, and that’s OK because until earlier today, I had never heard of him, either. But he wrote something, more than a century ago, that seems as current as if it written yesterday. I came upon his work entirely by accident. The particulars ofContinue reading “Words that are still relevant today”

A Thanksgiving message from the founding fathers

With the arrival of Thanksgiving day, everyone turns their attention to Abraham Lincoln and the proclamation that made this into a national holiday. My love and respect for Lincoln has been well-established here, but thanks to some online research, I found a Thanksgiving story that pre-dates Lincoln. And it has a lesson for our times,Continue reading “A Thanksgiving message from the founding fathers”

America, as it always has been

Sunday afternoon, River Park, Chicago My daughter is meeting some classmates at the park, and the waterpark that is attached to it, for a mid-summer’s playdate. The kids are edging their way toward middle school, and so that term won’t be acceptable to them someday soon. But for now it’s still all right to callContinue reading “America, as it always has been”

Do you really think you can say that?

I don’t get religious very often in this space. In fact, religion is probably my least favorite subject to write about. But I’ll make an exception in order to directly address the self-professed “Man of God” making the speech above. You don’t understand what America is about. This man–Pastor Dennis Terry– says that if someoneContinue reading “Do you really think you can say that?”