Looking forward to some Mighty Cubs Blasts

I recently happened upon Evangeline, a poem written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. I’m not very much of a poetry guy, but I found an old book at an estate sale with some poems inside, and decided to start paging through them. I even spent a quarter on the book, so I may as well seeContinue reading “Looking forward to some Mighty Cubs Blasts”

The incredible flying Rizzo

Baseball is not a contact sport, or at least it’s not designed to be. But put nine men on a field, and collisions are bound to occur. So it was with the Cubs and their future, Anthony Rizzo, in Houston last night. Here’s a piece I wrote about it for ThroughTheFenceBaseball (with a link toContinue reading “The incredible flying Rizzo”

What’s different now

After a slow start, when hiring a new manger was the main focus, the Theo Epstein braintrust has kicked into high gear recently. The Zambrano trade received the most notice, but the turnover has affected the starting rotation, the bullpen, the outfield and the corner positions of the infield. No player seems to be offContinue reading “What’s different now”