Mandela’s light against the darkness

Darkness comes early at this time of year. So it was this afternoon, when I learned of the death of Nelson Mandela. I had known that his death would come soon, for while he lived a full and extraordinary life, the man known as Madiba was mortal like the rest of us. Still, the newsContinue reading “Mandela’s light against the darkness”

With thanks to Nelson Mandela

If there’s a more inspirational story than Nelson Mandela’s, I haven’t yet heard it. He spent decades behind bars, a prisoner of the backward and doomed-to-fail system of apartheid in South Africa. And when he emerged a free man in 1990, it would have been understandable for him to walk away from the nation thatContinue reading “With thanks to Nelson Mandela”

Putting my money where my mouth is

When I was in college, back in the late 1980s, the fashionable cause among college students was putting an end to apartheid in South Africa. If you’re younger than 35, you may never had heard that term before, and that’s a good thing. It was an awful system, which imprisoned Nelson Mandela for decades, costContinue reading “Putting my money where my mouth is”