A bridge too far (with update)

The Onion is not for everyone. And that’s one of the reasons I have been a fan of theirs for so long. They push the envelope, and say the things that nobody else will. I never laugh harder at things than I do at the Onion. But tonight was different. As they were tweeting duringContinue reading “A bridge too far (with update)”

All apologies

So Carlos Zambrano says he’s sorry for how things turned out in Chicago. We’re all sorry that he couldn’t come through for the Cubs in the 2003 and 2008 postseasons (I’m giving him a pass for 2007, and hanging that one on Lou Piniella, instead). But unless his contrition changes any of that–or he givesContinue reading “All apologies”

Life’s too short to be sorry

Wednesday morning, Wellfleet, Mass. Summer vacation stretches endlessly before me, even if I know that’s not the case. Summer is never endless, except in a few places that I wouldn’t want to live. And vacation, well, if it were endless I could never afford to take one. But it sure felt that way earlier thisContinue reading “Life’s too short to be sorry”