An idea that deserved to fail

A few weeks ago, a story appeared in the New York Times, indicating that the NRA was behind a campaign of essentially normalizing guns for children. The idea was to get kids into things like paintball, but also to plant the seed in their minds that maybe shooting real guns was worth looking into downContinue reading “An idea that deserved to fail”

I got you, babe

Groundhog Day is one of the more ingenious movies to have come along in my lifetime. Yes, it’s funny, and that made it entertaining to watch. But what made it ingenious was how it has become a cultural shorthand for the same thing happening over and over and over again. When you tell someone thatContinue reading “I got you, babe”

Tragedy mars a Summer’s evening

The shootings in Aurora, Colorado are too painful to think about very much. And yet think about them, we must. Too much blood has been shed to do otherwise. The movies are our escape from the realities of everyday life. They have been that ever since the time when moving pictures were invented. Those earlyContinue reading “Tragedy mars a Summer’s evening”