Are you happy, Rock Hall?

Word of Axl Rose dissing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, just days before the induction ceremony, struck me as vindication for what I wrote last year about the band not being suitable for induction. I stated, at that time, that Appetite for Destruction was worthy of Hall of Fame induction, and the “November Rain”Continue reading “Are you happy, Rock Hall?”

A Sure Shot for the Rock Hall

To me, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a fraud. Rock and roll began as an expression of rebellion, and that gleaming building on the waterfront in Cleveland is anything but rebellion. Some of the bluesmen who helped to create rock and roll are enshrined there, but too many of them have beenContinue reading “A Sure Shot for the Rock Hall”

Two opposite ends of the spectrum

A weird, weird, weird juxtaposition hit me tonight. So weird that I have to muse on it for a little bit before I can get to sleep. The neighborhood park was showing That’s Entertainment outside on a big screen tonight. I had never seen it before, and the weather was about as perfect as itContinue reading “Two opposite ends of the spectrum”